Final Dissolution: The Three Deaths of the Ego


It is imperative that humanity understand that the so-called "problems in the world" are nothing but varying iterations and repercussions of just a singular problem: the human mind and its harmful state of subjectivity.The fact is, society has subjugated itself to an unbalanced control system, which is not only reducing its already-damaged introspective capacity, but is sinking with ever-greater impact into a deep and frozen layer of unconsciousness, suffering, and obfuscation.In complete ignorance of his mind, the human being adapts to these unnatural circumstances, and tries to get ahead by its own principle of survival. Nevertheless, he soon leaves this world without even having managed to know the true purpose of his existence.This work, “a progressive approach to dissolving the ego and attaining true objectivity”, not only answers to the question of the fundamental unit, the ego, asking what is it? How is it formed? How and at what moment is it transformed into selfishness? What does it represent in its deepest meaning? It also addresses the higher possibilities in the human being, such as the ability to extract meaning belonging to other scales of resolution, to other planes of the mind, through the acquisition of a new state of consciousness, thus being able to understand, in a relatively short time, the true sense and background of existence.The content of the work, divided into three sections, aims at fracturing the invisible and powerful psychological pillars that sustain the basis of subjective thought, and at correcting through understanding the mental and neuronal structure of the individual. These lead him to return autonomously to the use and control of his rational thought, obeying to now wider, deeper, and objective meaning, which in turn allows him to increase the quality of his emotional states.

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Raúl Díaz Peña